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Cocktail Menus

Cold hors d’oeuvres menu

Hamachi served on crispy rice cake w. rice wine vinaigrette & tobiko wasabi
Olive tapenade served on baked pita chips
Eggplant caprese w. basil pesto & mozzarella on crostini
Brioche toast points w. st. andré cheese and honey-roasted pears
Zucchini rolls w. goat cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto
Bruschetta w. basil pesto, grilled chicken breast and asiago cheese
Smoked salmon and caramelized red onion tartlets w. chived crème fraiche
Smoked salmon tartar on olive oil baguette
Tuna tartar w. shiitake mushroom and wonton
Artichoke wedges w. tomato and pine nut dressing
Garden bread w. bell pepper eggplant spread
Grape leaves stuffed w. rice, lemon and spices
Steak tartar on crackers w. capers
Trio of hummus served on baked pita chips
Cucumber disks w. tzatziki sauce

Stationary platters
Mediterranean w. grape leaves, pita chips, hummus & baba ghanoush
Vegetable crudite w. trio of dipping sauces
International cheeses w. grapes, assorted crackers & breads
Cheese & fruit skewers, Roasted mushroom & eggplant served w. mini toasts
Assorted terrines (vegetarian, marbled roquefort & poulet)
served w. crackers & breads
Mixed bruschetta (olive tapenade, roasted red bell pepper & tomato and 
Assorted sushi & sashimi w. homemade wasabi & pickled ginger


*includes chef and beverages noted only.  Additionals will include the following:  staff (servers, bartenders, etc.), linens, place settings, specialty rental items (tenting, specialty lighting, etc.),
additional beverages/bar set-up, 18% service charge, applicable taxes, etc.

(OUR SIGNATURE EVENT:  instead of dinner, the host chooses many different hors d'oeuvres so that the guests try varied types of cuisine)
Warm hors d’oeuvres menu
Stuffed mushrooms w. gouda cheese
Chicken quesadillas w. cilantro, jack cheese and salsa
Mini crab cakes w. apple aioli
Chicken satay w. peanut sauce and curry
Corn blinis w. home-cured salmon and crème fraiche
Coconut-crusted shrimp w. tangerine-soy dipping sauce
Curried shrimp w. pineapple cocktail sauce
Risotto balls w. parmesan w. roasted red bell pepper puree
Chicken dumplings w. ginger cream
Bacon-wrapped asparagus tips
Beef skewers w. curry and peanut dip
Bite-sized beef tenderloin w. garlic aioli
Sautéed beef tenderloin slices w. shallot and sherry vinaigrette
Brie and grape quesadilla w. dijon vinaigrette
Mini tuna tartar burgers seared w. wasabi mayonnaise
The classic slider - served w. grilled onions and gruyere
The not-so-classic hot dog - bratwurst w. caramelized onions
Mini panini w. turkey, provolone & mango chutney
Mini pizzas w. roasted seasonal veggies
Mini pizzas w. prosciutto, goat cheese & chives
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